Most targets get more difficult to attack as the match goes on – the back is the exception to the rule: I’m sure you have all had the experience of trying to attack a submission towards the end of a match and found out the hard way that the inevitable sweat and overall slipperiness makes it very difficult to and finish many of the major submissions. Most arm locks and locks become more difficult as sweat and slipperiness increase. Interestingly however, getting to an opponents back is barely affected by increases in slipperiness and arguably may even be EASIER. Many transitions to the back are helped by increased slipperiness rather than hindered. Sliding your arm into position also becomes easier with less friction. Holding the back for extended periods of time can be a little more difficult, but nothing that wrist control, good head position and a tight body triangle can’t take care of. time you favorite submissions are failing in slippery conditions – on transitions to the back – they will make your work easier rather than harder.