When you’ve got a choice… Very often the scenario we find ourselves in presents a choice in finishing options. A classic example is triangle and arm bar. WHENEVER YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE OPTIONS – YOU ALMOST ALWAYS HAVE THE OTHER AS WELL. As a general rule – I always urge my students to take the triangle option over the arm bar option all other things being equal. Of course there will be exceptions to this general rule. For example, if your opponents has very broad shoulders and you have short legs, it’s probably best to stick with the arm bar option. However, the triangle offers the option of both and multiple at the same time – all backed up by a much tighter control of the head than an arm bar due to the figure four lock. The arm bar on the other hand offers only a single lock and much looser head control. So given the choice, triangle will be my preference. Next time your attacking arm bars and the isn’t coming quickly – perhaps try a switch to a triangle and see if you can use some of the inherent advantages to help your cause.