The heavier your opponents chest becomes – the lighter his legs become: Jiu jitsu is a of distribution. Sometimes it can very intimidating to feel an opponent putting all his weight on to one part of your body. Remember however, that the more an opponent uses his weight to crush one part of you, the more he must lighten some other part of his body. If you remember this you can use this to your advantage. Here, my training has committed into chest to chest pressure – that’s a good thing as long as he has stepped over over one of my knees, but an escape allows me to recover my guard and now that chest to chest pressure that was so useful and beneficial a moment ago is now a liability. With all the being applied at the chest, the legs have become light and easily flipped over by my legs. Next time your suffering under weight distribution – be confident that the heavier the distribution in one area – THE LIGHTER IN ANOTHER – and navigate a course to take of that the light zone (hint: it’s almost always some form of elbow escape or escape) and turn a time into a success