It doesn’t seem like a big difference… One of the hardest truths to convince a beginner in Jiu jitsu of is that there is a world of difference between being FLAT ON YOUR BACK underneath an opponent, as opposed to BEING ON YOUR SIDE. To the untrained eye they look pretty much the same. You are lying down underneath an opponent in both cases after all. In fact the difference will determine how effective you will be from position. When you’re on your side you can bear an opponents weight much more easily. You can move side to side far more readily. You can prop yourself to an elbow or turn easily up to your knees, or reach out with your and catch an opponents leg. You can create an /reaction by turning from one side to another. In short – you don’t bear weight directly and you can move much more readily. Understanding the importance of this fundamental insight and making it part of your daily training is absolutely critical to your progress in most positions, particularly those your opponent is threatening to pass your legs. time you’re suffering under an opponents weight – turn to your side (almost always towards your opponent) and you’ll feel an immediate easing of pressure and a newfound ability to move with effect