Extraordinary degrees of resistance: I’m sure you’ve had the experience of with a physically imposing opponent and you find that your moves, even your favorites, don’t seem to work against this of physicality. You will often find that extraordinary levels of flexibility or strength can make your moves feel inadequate. When you feel this this – take heart – you’re not this first to feel this way!! Some general words of advice. If your opponent has rubber joints that seem immune to your favorite locks – focus on strangles. If you can’t successfully with your arms due to freakish strength or jaw blocking of opponents – strangle with your legs. If your opponent has the strength to bench press you out of any form of top control – focus on getting him. If your opponent has a Gumby like guard that appears impossible to pass into top position – focus on taking the back instead. There is always a shift in tactics that can make up for physical freaks that frustrate your favorite lines of attack. Don’t get intimidated by unusual physical attributes – get inspired – inspired to try a new approach that shows how tactics and technique prevail or physicality