You’re opponent can never cover all the targets: In all combat sports the basic game is to be able to attack vulnerabilities in an opponent whilst defending your own. Sometimes opponents have excellent discipline with their and positioning so that it feels impossible to breach their defenses. Take heart – it may seem this way – but it’s an illusion – there’s ALWAYS an opening somewhere. The more an opponent focuses his attention on defending one piece of real estate, the more vulnerable he becomes at some other area. If he spreads his defenses over his body, he won’t be able to stop a determined attack anywhere. That’s the basic dilemma that must guide your target selection. This why is why things are necessary for you to breach tough defenses. The first is a wide enough array of to cover the body. This means you should have at least one strong attack for lower body, and neck from front and back. The second thing you need is the ability to feint an attack in one area to draw his defenses into one zone whilst being able to redirect to another which is now undefended. Don’t just choose your main attacks randomly. Make sure you have enough variety to cover the from front and back and top to bottom; and on top of that, the ability to trick an opponent into believing that an attack is imminent in one place when in fact you will attack another target. When you have these elements in your attack game, you will find that even tough defenses that used to shut you out can be breached