In the midst of all defense are the seeds of offense: It’s natural when an attacks you to focus only on saving yourself. Early in your development that’s the best thing to do, but at some point you have to see ANY TIME AN OPPONENT ATTACKS YOU HE MUST MAKE COMPROMISES WITH HIS DEFENSIVE INTEGRITY, HIS BALANCE, HIS STANCE AND HIS FOCUS. This means that an astute player will see his opponents offense as a fine entry into his own offense. This kind of has significant advantages over conventional offense since it is performed against an who is compromised physically by being over extended and mentally by being focused on attack rather than his defense. It can be difficult initially to make this shift. You will need to clearly points at which the attack has been neutralized and a turning point achieved where you can initiate your counter attack. I suggest you this project with you current submission since you have greater expertise here. Ask yourself what criteria would make it fail and make you abandon it. Then have an attack you with it. Work to satisfy those criteria and as soon as you’ve done so – counterattack! Once you’re comfortable with you favorite submissions, start expanding the project into others. Soon you will have an arsenal of counter attacks that will greatly increase the number of submission attempts you make per match