A life of routine: We talk about a routine life as it’s a bad thing – disparaging it as dull and boring and indicative of failed life choices. Let me be clear – almost all of our progress and achievement in life is founded upon the acquisition of skills, and are only acquired through the maintenance of a routine that gives you sufficient and repetition to let them develop. If you want progress in Jiu jitsu or any other aspect in life, you will need to establish a routine and everything else in your life will have to be arranged that routine. That doesn’t mean you have to condemn yourself to a dull life of boredom – but it does mean that you will have to avoid anything that interrupts the routine in a significant way. Routine isn’t something to be disparaged – on the contrary – it is the source and wellspring of your greatest resource – skill – and if you wish to rise to the top of your domain it will be developed by adherence to that routine that allow you to do so.