Contrasts: Look at this picture and you see a very strong contrast in application of strength. Georges St Pierre is a close to maximal tension while alongside him Gordon Ryan is at minimal tension. Both are in good position – why the contrast? Mr St Pierre is beginning the application of a submission hold, Mr Ryan is simply maintaining a position. The of Jiu jitsu requires us to with extremes of physical tension from very high to very low. As a general rule, you want to keep your body tension as low as possible to get the job done and recognize that some jobs require a considerable amount of tension for short periods of time. So for example, submission holds, guard passes, sweeps and takedowns will require short burst of massive physical tension and output when you to complete them. Understand that you can only maintain that level of intensity for short bursts – don’t stay above the redline too long and exhaust yourself. This game is characterized by LONG PERIODS OF RELATIVE CALM INTERSPERSED WITH SHORT BURSTS OF EXTREME EXERTION. If you break this by being too relaxed all the time you won’t have sufficient to finish and score. If you break it by maintaining tension too long you will exhaust yourself and lose to your own fatigue. Keep this behavioral of tension and relaxation in mind as you train every day and you will last longer and break through more