If you could have only finishing hold for the rest of your life – what would it be? For me it would be the without question. It is the most reliable finishing hold of all. It does matter how mentally tough the opponent is – a strangle will incapacitate him and end the match. If an initial attempt should fail – you still have the position and can keep trying until you succeed. The position you use it from puts you in a situation where you can at will as many times as it takes to get the breakthrough. It requires no special physical characteristics and can definitely be used by smaller people to defeat bigger and stronger people. It works for short people, tall people, thin people and thick people. It works equally well in both and fighting. It is the perfect embodiment of the Jiu jitsu of position before submission. With this in mind – you owe it to yourself to develop a PERFECT rear strangle. Study it and perfect it. If there is ONE finishing move in the sport that is truly worth perfecting it is this one. Don’t settle for a decent rear strangle – make yours the very best you can. Life is full of sham products that aren’t worth the time and effort we put into acquiring them – the is a true gem that is worth every second of time and ounce of sweat you put into its development, refinement and perfection – don’t settle for anything less