Distance control: Controlling the distance between you and your is among the most important and fundamental skills in all combat sports. It is done very differently from one combat sports to another, depending upon the rules and objectives. In Jiu jitsu it is done primarily through grip, although movement is also very important. From bottom position is usually achieved with the collar grip, but in no gi Jiu jitsu you will need other methods. Closed guard is the one we usually start with when beginning Jiu jitsu. Ultimately distance is the ability to control an opponents ability towards and away from you. Locking your legs around your is a good way to do this. However, you’ll need good methods from open guard too. My favorite is always ashi garami. It fulfills the most important requirement of distance control – it controls movement forward and backwards because you have one leg an opponents leg (controls movement backwards) and one in front (controls movement forwards). In addition it allows you to attack your opponents balance and threaten leg locks at all times. In order to have an effective bottom guard game you’ll need an effective means of controlling distance. It doesn’t matter which you choose, ashi garami, de riva, reverse or any other method, just so long as you have at least one good form of connection that controls movement forward and back and sets up attacks.