Your game reveals who you are: In daily life you reveal much about yourself by you make – you reveal superficial aspects of who you are by where you live, where you work, what car you drive, who you spend time with, how you dress. You reveal deeper aspects by life goals, your most cherished beliefs etc. Jiu jitsu is the same. The kind of game you play, the moves you favor, the manner in which you employ those moves, the you aspire to and the time and you invest in training all spell out much of who you are as a person. The three most important things that influence your Jiu jitsu development are your body, your personality and your teachers. Who you are on the mat will be a reflection of these three factors. Two athletes can have the same favorite moves but have two totally different personalities, say one is brash and confident and the other shy and withdrawn – they may favor the same moves but their differences in personality will make them employ those moves very differently. Two athletes can have similar bodies and personalities but if they come from very different teaching lineages they will usually have very different games. Your body and personality are yours – they are your internal influences. Your teachers are an external influence. When you first begin the external influence is more important because you know nothing and need direction; but as time passes and you mature the internal influences naturally to take and your game becomes an authentic expression of who you are physically and mentally.