Two mindsets in Jiu jitsu: When it comes to an there are two mindsets. The first is to decide what form of attack you want to use and impose that upon your opponent. This methodology is all about knowing your own strengths. You know what you’re good at – impose those skills upon the opponent regardless of what he is doing and be so good at them that he can’t stop you even if he knows your intentions. The second is to observe your opponents stance and movement and harmonize your of attack with whatever opportunity his stance and motion offers. This methodology is all about knowing what attack is appropriate for a given opportunity. The first is a matter of building a small set of highly developed and unstoppable attacks. The second is about building a large set of attacks that only need to be good enough to break through a momentary weakness. Both approaches are highly effective. In my the unstoppable attack method is best in shorter matches where there is a discrepancy in skill or size in your favor. The opportunistic attack method does better in longer matches where skill and size is more even – however this is a generalization and there are notable exceptions to this. Over time most athletes gravitate naturally more towards than the other but most great athletes can play both approaches even though they generally favor one over the other. I generally find the opportunistic method has a smoother and more refined look to it and as I have aged and grown weaker I have favored it more – it generally requires a less physical game. Essentially it is a choice between the to amass great strength to smash through very strong defenses vs the ability to see a weakness and quickly attack with adequate strength to break through in the time available. Try to develop both but it’s that you will probably favor over the other