Push and pull: We don’t believe in super powers – you don’t have to – the power that good mechanical understanding and efficiency can give you is more than enough for anything you need to do in Jiu jitsu. The greatest power in Jiu jitsu is the to successfully utilize the potential of action and reaction. When you can elicit a push from an and then pull him in the same direction as his push – you will use his own strength to off balance him. LEARNING TO EXPLOIT THE INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL OF ACTION/REACTION IS THE GREATEST STEP YOU CAN MAKE IN JIU JITSU. This is the best means of defeating faster, stronger and more athletic opponents. The key to learning is to engage in push and pull at every opportunity during drilling and sparring and so develop a sensitivity to where your opponents energy is being directed at any given moment. When you push, feel his push back, and PULL. When you pull him, feel his pull and PUSH. This sounds simple, but making a habit of it in a sparring match takes time and awareness. What is simple in concept is not so simple in operation. small. In drilling out hands on an opponent and start pushing and pulling each other with only moderate force and low speed until you develop an to read his energy level and direction and then give a little push when pulled or pull when pushed – try to use the least force you can to get the biggest reaction you can. You can use this EVERYWHERE – standing, ground, or bottom. It is a foundational principle in most martial arts – make it the foundation of your game and you will add a level of depth and skill that will make you stand out among your peers