What does it really mean to say you should attack 100% of the human body? The ideal of Jiu jitsu is to be able to attack specific and vulnerable parts of an opponents whole body with our whole body. In this regard most people think in terms of and lower body. In the last decade Jiu jitsu has made remarkable progress in lower body attacks (a traditional area). However, in order to really attack the whole body you need to further than just thinking in terms of lower body. For the purposes of submission attacks the human body is best divided three ways
1 – /lower body
2 – left /right side
3 – front /back side
In addition the means of attack – submission holds – can be divided into joint locks and strangles. So if we are to maximize our attacking versatility – and this should be the goal of all of us if we are to call ourselves submission specialists – then we ought to be able to attack and lower body, left and right side, from both front and back, with both holds (where appropriate) and joint locks. THAT will allow you to cover all the possible ways in which submissions can be employed against an opponent. You don’t need to know a lot of submissions to do this, but you DO need to know how to cover the whole of an opponents body with them if you are to reliably break through against the toughest opponents. Widen your perspective with this understanding of what it really means to attack the whole body and soon you’ll widen your submission arsenal in ways that improve your performance