Adaptations: It’s been fascinating watching the adaptation from to no gi for Nicholas Meregali. Things are still in stages but his progress has been dramatic. Much of this progress can be attributed to Mr Meregali himself – he already had world champion before he entered the door and in addition he has shown himself to be very professional and dedicated with his daily training schedule. In my experience the top Brazilians always bring a special quality of that is quite unique to their Jiu jitsu culture – a great flair for hip movement in bottom positions and misdirectional movement on top and a great propensity to find and maintain the back in a scramble – almost all the best Brazilians shine in these areas and none more so than Mr Meregali. Adding to this the more structured, step by step systematic approach we favor has been fascinating to observe. The results in the gym have been very impressive so far – still a big ahead but a journey is always more when the start is strong 😜😜 I’m excited to watch this great athlete step out on stage March 25 in his first no match at @flograppling Who’s Number One event!