Attack the obstacle – then the submission: Every has its counters – no exceptions. When you see an opponent employing a counter to your move – attack the obstacles he has placed in your path rather than just grind away and perseverance will make your move work. If you’re trying to an opponent from the and he is fighting your strangle with his hands – attack his hands. Pin them down with your and legs so that these obstacles are now removed – allowing your to now become effective again. In the midst of the action you must be able to identify the and manner of your opponents counters and then run interference on those counters. That’s why we put such a high priority on a calm and relaxed demeanor as you work into your submissions – only then can you identify and counter the problems in front of you. Here, Gordon Ryan controls his opponents two defensive hands and is preparing to pin one down with his leg to completely remove them as a means of defense – only then will the strangle come in unopposed