Win one battle at a time: When you are caught in a bad situation in jiu jitsu it is unlikely that you’ll immediately and effortlessly escape. After all, if your opponent is good enough to force you in to a bad position, he’s probably good enough to keep you there. Instead, FOCUS ON WINNING SMALLER FIRST THAT DIMINISH THE YOUR OPPONENT HAS OVER YOU. As you win a series of smaller that weaken your control, THEN you can win the big battle and get out of the situation altogether. For example, if you’re caught in a heavy side pin, don’t just try to blast out of there. by winning a smaller battle – the battle for an under hook. If you’re opponent gets an under hook , he solidifies his control over you. If you get an under hook, you rob him of control over your torso. Then win the battle for the cross face. If you get your head inside his cross face he loses control of your head. Now you’ve won two minor battles and your opponent no longer controls the of your head and torso. Now win the battle for positioning – a bridge removes your opponent from direct chest to chest position, rendering his ineffective. Once these three minor battle are won – NOW YOU’RE IN A STATE WHERE YOU CAN THE POSITION OVERALL. At this point you can pick and choose among the escapes – elbow escape, knee escape, whatever you want. Next you’re in trouble, take on the set of identify the minor battles you need to win first before you win the big one.