What the f**k are those guys wearing??!!! First training session for @nicholasmeregali in for gi Championships this morning. It’s a very impressive sight to watch one of the very best gi athletes of his generation in his element! Nicholas Meregali has the kind of gi that everyone admires – fast tactical gripping into smooth positional advances finishing with devastating submissions. He has one of the most exciting gi games I’ve ever seen, full of technical nuance, some beautiful original moves and that unmistakable Brazilian flair for movement and opportunity that characterizes so many of the top athletes from that nation. our fingers are all mangled and our ears on fire 😂😂😂 Time for the training session! 😜😜 The from one to another is a fascinating one – but at the end of the day it’s all jiu jitsu – just a different expression and a different set of problems to solve! Can’t wait to see how these sessions play out!