One good weapon: Having one good weapon doesn’t sound like much in a sport where there are thousands of moves and to learn. however, that ONE GOOD WEAPON ALWAYS BEGETS MORE WEAPONS. Why? Because when your fears one strong weapon that you possess, he will tend to react to that threat in predictable ways that make the of other weapons much easier. Best of all is when you have a strong that goes in one direction and another that goes in the opposite direction – then you can play the against each other and breakthrough even very tough defenses. The way of good jiu jitsu always follows this path of developing a few favored weapons that are like the trunk of a strong tree, and from that tree sprout many branches, just as many subsequent moves sprout off the development of those strong moves of yours. The Japanese noted this pattern long ago and created a work “tokui-waza” for this kind of favorite or strong technique. Make sure your development makes use of this essential feature of the sport.