Regulate of engagement by increasing or decreasing body contact: Good jiu jitsu players have a distinguishing characteristic – they can easily control the PACE set between them and their opponents. This is a truly important skill. If you can control the overall pace and tempo, the outcome will be a lot easier. There is a simple rule in effect here – the greater the surface of your body in contact with your opponent – the slower the pace will be. You want to things up? Decrease body contact. You want to slow things down? Increase body contact. Learn to contour your body into an opponents and you can increase the effect dramatically until you get to a point where you can slow down to a degree where escape becomes very difficult and submission becomes very easy. LEARN TO REGULATE MOVEMENT THROUGH BODY CONTACT AS EASILY AS YOU REGULATE THE PASSAGE OF WATER THROUGH A FAUCET and you will have taken a giant step in your jiu jitsu