Victory in Dallas!! Rory MacDonald @romac_gorilla won a brilliant victory in his MMA fight tonight against the very tough and experienced Brett Cooper. He was able to mix his formidable striking and grappling skills into a flawless package to flow from punching combinations into takedown into beautiful pin transitions into devastating grapple boxing (the of mixing striking and grappling) culminating in a picture perfect strangle finish mid way through the first round. Firas run Rory through the warm brought back many memories of campaigns, but on stage Rory showed he has not been dwelling in the past as he showed recent improvements in his grappling skills. As always there are many people to thank. Thank you to @firas_zahabi for being such an amazing friend, coach and student and guiding Rory’s for so long. Thank you @timkennedymma and friends for high sparring rounds. Thank you @roka for giving us such a great training facility for the fight camp over last six weeks. Thank you @gordonlovesjiujitsu and @garrytonon for helping Rory get ready with grappling insights. you all enjoyed the show!!