The central tactical message of combat sports: The of combat sports is to make the inherently difficult task of defeating a tough and strong adversary significantly easier through various techniques and that increase the probability of you winning. The means by which this is fulfilled is universal across all combat sports – PUT YOURSELF IN LOCATIONS WHERE YOU CAN ATTACK YOUR MORE READILY THAN HE CAN ATTACK YOU. Different combat sports have different ways of doing this. Some do it through distance, some via angle, some via level, some through striking, some through grappling – but the same basic idea persists and forms the core of intelligence applied to personal unarmed combat. In jiu jitsu it is done primarily through POSITION. two above all – the mount and the rear mount. In grappling jiu jitsu where striking is not permitted, I believe that the rear mount is the single best pin of them all. Seek it at all times – the athlete who actively LOOKS for the will always FIND the back – it’s that simple. THE EYES WILL ALWAYS SEE WHAT YOU TELL THEM TO LOOK FOR FOR – tell them to look for the back and you’ll see the everywhere you grapple – and then you’ll win of matches!