My name’s Ignacio Gondra and I’m a humble 1 stripe white belt (but evolving) trying to make sense of this super-power called Jiu-Jitsu. Having spent my years learning how to box, and loving the combat sports as I do, I decided it was time to get into the rabbit hole of this wonderful art of destruction.

This website tries to keep alive, organized and fresh the appallingly valuable snippets of wisdom that John Danaher drops on his social nets daily (or almost).

I thought this extremely good content needed some organization and searching capabilities – and here is my attempt at doing it. I hope you like the result.

If you have any suggestion to improve the site, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at Thank you!

– Ignacio Gondra, May 29th 2021

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    Breaking your opponents structure and alignment – the power of unnatural positions

    Breaking your opponents structure and alignment - the power of unnatural positions: The…

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    Reflections on my senior students

    Reflections on my senior students: I am often asked about how different body types…

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    Weigh in complete

    Weigh in complete: Gordon Ryan and João Gabriel Rocha weighed in for their big match…

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    Olympic hero

    Olympic hero: A massive congratulations to Travis Stevens who represented our country…

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    New Champion

    New Champion: Huge congratulations to new welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley. He…

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    The stunning power of jiu jitsu upon the uninitiated

    The stunning power of jiu jitsu upon the uninitiated: In our daily training we work with…

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    Size difference

    Size difference: I always urge my students to see the main attribute of jiu jitsu…

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    Victory in Texas!!

    Victory in Texas!! Gordon Ryan won a great match here in Houston tonight against the…

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    Restricting options

    Restricting options: The pattern of all good jiu jitsu is the same - JIU JITSU IS THE ART…

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    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year!! Wishing all of you the best in 2019! May you have the imagination and…

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    The Squad rolls deep in LA

    The Squad rolls deep in LA: On the way to EBI weigh ins - everyone on weight and walking…

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