My name’s Ignacio Gondra and I’m a humble 1 stripe white belt (but evolving) trying to make sense of this super-power called Jiu-Jitsu. Having spent my years learning how to box, and loving the combat sports as I do, I decided it was time to get into the rabbit hole of this wonderful art of destruction.

This website tries to keep alive, organized and fresh the appallingly valuable snippets of wisdom that John Danaher drops on his social nets daily (or almost).

I thought this extremely good content needed some organization and searching capabilities – and here is my attempt at doing it. I hope you like the result.

If you have any suggestion to improve the site, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at Thank you!

– Ignacio Gondra, May 29th 2021

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    Setting tough goals for progress

    Setting tough goals for progress: I believe that whatever progress you make in your…

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    Pinning is a weapon

    Pinning is a weapon: We normally think of the submission holds of Jiu Jitsu - strangles…

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    The essential skills of the leg lock system

    The essential skills of the leg lock system: You might be puzzled by the first two listed…

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    It ain’t easy keeping up with the squad

    It ain’t easy keeping up with the squad: At the house of our gracious host Mo Jassim, his…

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    Class is never really over

    Class is never really over: Its natural when you’ve just finished a tough class to want…

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    Travel: I am well known for my incompetence in many areas, none more so than travel. My…

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    Calm under pressure

    Calm under pressure: One of the most crucial attributes of good competitors is the…

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    Champion attitude

    Champion attitude: Gordon Ryan and brother Nicky Ryan, fresh off a weekend of victory and…

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    Reflections on ADCC 2017 – The lesson of Xande Ribeiro

    Reflections on ADCC 2017 - The lesson of Xande Ribeiro: One of the stand out performers…

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    Professionalism and dealing with a crisis

    Professionalism and dealing with a crisis: There is always a chance in competition that…

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    Getting ready for Australia!

    Getting ready for Australia! Immediately after Garry Tonon’s fight in Singapore…

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    Training pace

    Training pace: most jiu jitsu students always train at the same pace and often without a…

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