We’re excited to be working with Elite Sports and Born Tough to try out their products!
We will come up with a review post once the product testing is done
Keep an eye out for these updates.

Check them out here:

Navy BJJ GiBJJ GisRash Guards

Elite Sports was born out of the necessity to fill a gap in the market. With the ever increasing popularity of martial arts in today’s world, so is the increased quantity of poorly designed and made products. We know, we’ve used them. Conceived by veterans of MMA, Elite Sports is here to revolutionize the way people look at the products they buy and the prices they pay. No longer will you have to pay a premium price for a premium product, Elite Sports is able to offer the best bang for your buck.

Our particular attention to detail & design is what will make our products stand out. Design is not an afterthought with us. As a matter of a fact, a great and useful design is one of our primary goals when we’re brainstorming and that is translated into the products you see today. Our goal is to make you worry-free when you’re at the gym. Our goal is to allow you to submerse yourself into your training so that you don’t have to worry about anything but getting better. Our goal is to allow you to freely train without having to worry about tearing your gear, that is also why we offer a warranty – something most companies in this industry are afraid to do. We stand behind our products because we have designed them with heavy-use in mind. We’ve tested our products and as soon as you do, you’ll know why Elite Sports is revolutionizing the industry.

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