Concepts versus details: Whenever I teach I try hard to begin with the general concepts that govern the area I am discussing and then flesh it out with that give the practical ability to get those general concepts to work. Concepts and together in a manner similar to a child’s coloring book. The concepts are like the outlines, the details are like the colors you fill in to make it into a beautiful picture. Jiu Jitsu without concepts to give a general sense of direction will be like a collection of colors scrawled randomly over a page that portrays nothing. Jiu Jitsu without details will be like a rough sketch, colorless and dull. When jiu jitsu has both concepts and details in unison – then you will a complete and beautiful picture. See your jiu Jitsu along the lines of this metaphor. at the conceptual to give yourself direction. Then over time, add to add life and color to those outlines. Just as sketch and color together produce art, so too will concepts and details together produce a martial art.