Legend provides inspiration: One of my all time MMA fighters is the great Jose Pele Landi. He was a legend of early MMA when it was called “Vale Tudo” or NHB. He was a gifted kickboxer with good upper body takedowns who could also mix it up on the ground. He was universally feared and respected for his devastating strikes which he could use at any moment in any situation to KO opponents. Imagine my surprise when he began coming in to train with the squad in grappling! Even now at forty four he comes in to train and gives his all. It is amazing to see such a legend trying new moves and working with the youngsters. I am always so impressed when I see people who have the accomplishments to sit back and rest, but who refuse and always seek further growth and new adventures. Sometimes I show the younger athletes film clips of Mr Landi in action and they are always amazed and proud to out next to such a legend. There is always something special about working out next to a great athlete that lifts the room. What an honor to have one of my early idols work with my students and inspire them the same way he always inspired me.