Why don’t you just call it a honey hole (or 411, or saddle or whatever) like everyone else? Often ask me why I insist upon a large array of names for moves that most people describe with a single well known name. My reasoning is easy to understand. FOR ANY GIVEN MOVE, THERE WILL BE MANY VARIATIONS WITHIN THAT MOVE – each will have different strengths and weaknesses and areas of application. FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND THOSE DIFFERENCES WILL LEAD TO INAPPROPRIATE APPLICATIONS THAT WILL LOWER MY PERFORMANCE. Let’s look at a simple example. A friend calls me and says he needs me to come over with a screw driver and remove some screws. Being completely naive with regards screwdrivers and handyman work in general, I naively reach into a tool box and grab a screwdriver and head over. Given that there are several different types of screwdrivers/screws used out there – I HAVE PROBABLY CONDEMNED MYSELF TO FAILURE BEFORE I EVEN BEGIN THE TASK. As any task becomes more complex – THIS MUST BE REFLECTED IN THE LANGUAGE USED TO DESCRIBE YOUR ACTIONS AND THOUGHTS AS YOU PERFORM THAT TASK. If I have only a single term to cover a wide array of variations of a move, MY THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS WILL REFLECT MY LINGUISTIC NAIVETY WITH A NAIVE PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE OF THE TASK. If I have only word to describe a given color, “red” – how good do you think my ability to paint a picture of a scene accurately compared with another person who distinguishes crimson, scarlet, magenta, maroon, garnet, cherry red etc etc will be? The language you use to describe your actions to yourself and others will set the on your ability to think about, reason, describe and distinguish the variations within a move that HAVE A GENUINE EFFECT UPON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MOVE. Here, Georges St-Pierre works one of an inside heel hook with an inside /outside foot leg position that offers some mechanical advantages along with some disadvantages – being able to distinguish this from the many other variations lets me exploit those advantages when i can – a more sophisticated terminology helps us make and describe those distinctions to ourselves and others – greatly speeding learning