Eddie Cummings back to center stage: The Wolverine, Eddie Cummings, one of the most skilled hunters I ever had the pleasure of working with, will return to the big show – headlining the @kasaigrappling Kasai Pro 2 event in on April 14. He will take on the extremely impressive Renato Canuto at 160 pounds in a fifteen minute super fight with no points for first ten minutes and then a shift to points in last five minutes. Mr Canuto greatly impressed everyone at the previous Kasai Show, beating out a stacked field with exceptionally dynamic movement both standing and on the ground and showing equal ability in both play and submissions. This will be a great clash of very different styles. Mr Canuto is a master of generating movement, but Mr Cummings is, like all my students, trained primarily in disrupting and inhibiting movement, this should lead to a fascinating match. Mr Cummings has been working developing his own brand over the last year independently of the squad, but still very much a flag bearer of the grappling/attack the whole body and one of the greatest products of the blue basement. In addition, several of the juniors (kohai) will compete in the card – I will talk about that soon. Looking forward to another great night of grappling in in this very impressive emerging show!