Teaching seminars is one of my favorite ways of getting our message out to outside our gym. I love the personal interaction and the novelty of it all for new students. Note that all my students, particularly Garry Tonon, Eddie Cummings and the Ryan brothers, Gordon and Nicky, can do just as good a job (in many ways better – as they do not have my physical limitations). We all love to teach when we travel. If this is something you are interested in at your school, contact us at our individual social media and make arrangements. We love to form a bond with the schools in which we teach – not just come in teach some moves and go home, but come again often to check and see developments. For example, I often teach at Dynamixmma in Santa Monica, and work with Josh Fiore and Antoni Hardonk to keep them progressing forward in our approach to grappling and watch the of their students. If this kind of long term teaching relationship of our style is of interest to you and your school – contact us. We would love to share our knowledge and have you learn what we do and share it to your students. Our goal is create coaching bonds with schools that mean a student who wants to learn our approach to the game can join that school and be confident that he or she is learning the same technique and tactics that we employ in our own gym. Here, I run an enthusiastic group of at dynamixmma LA through squad work – they did a great job of learning and their skills!