Big news on lock instructional video – PART 2: I’ve always preached a commitment to excellence among my students- I wouldn’t be much of a if i didn’t follow my own advice. I would have done it this weekend but I had a prior coaching commitment with Georges St-Pierre. I will also add new material not shown in first and seek to my delivery of information to make a leaner and better viewing experience and help atone for the initial problem. Never having shot a video before I just assumed the production company would be the experts to trust with the technical matters while i did the coaching- I’m not sure what went wrong as even a simple phone camera takes better audio than some of the scenes on the instructional. I am greatly heartened by the many messages i have received from people who loved the content of the video and are seeing improvements in both their performance and understanding – now I hope to do even better by bringing production up to the same level Apologies to you all for the initial mishap and looking to setting it straight this weekend!

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