Georges St-Pierre on Joe Rogan experience: For those of you who have not heard, my student Georges St-Pierre @georgesstpierre appeared on the world’s biggest podcast – The Joe Rogan experience @joerogan yesterday. Mr St-Pierre is usually very guarded during interviews, but Mr Rogan did an amazing job through his informal chat based method of getting this amazing athlete and human being to open up and tell his story in his own words to a greater degree than anyone has ever done in the past. All these years I have known what an incredible person, martial arts athlete and innovator Mr St-Pierre was – you will see it too in this remarkable interview! Hats to Mr Rogan for accomplishing what no else could in showing the humor, interests and methods of this truly great athlete. In less than six hours it already passed a million views. If you have time this weekend – check it out – it’s a fascinating and funny expose of a great man; but also A OF THE MIND AMD MINDSET THAT MADE HIM GREAT, and thus of great value to all of you as you work towards your own goals and dreams – check it out!