Learning from a distance: You guys know I am a firm believer in the possibility of a mentor having a massive influence on the direction of your life even in a short meeting – Dean Lister played this role in my lock development – for me, he provided the spark from which the current leg lock blaze burns. I am also a tremendous believer in the of self starting, independently minded individuals to see information from a distance and USING THAT AS A STARTING POINT, GO ON TO MAKE INCREDIBLE PROGRESS ON THEIR OWN OVER TIME. That is why I am so enthusiastic about teaching seminars and making instructional videos – I truly believe in their ability to make a difference in your grappling life. Here is an amazing example all the way from Australia. A few years ago I went to visit family and taught some impromptu leg lock seminars in Sydney and Melbourne – turn out and enthusiasm was fantastic. A young man named Jeremy @jeremypaulskinner came to one of them and impressed me with his movement and thirst for knowledge. Since then he went on to greatly develop his game, based on seminar notes, watching the senior squad members in action and most importantly, his own hard work. Now he teaches alongside Craig Jones at @absolutemmamelb Here he is the recent boa super 8 tournament in Australia demonstrating a perfect rendition of a classic squad maneuver into cross ashi garami utilizing double trouble to completely his opponent into a fine finish! What a fine example of long distance learning married to hard work and initiative to get super results! Great to see this and I hope it drives you to be confident that an initial help can be the impetus to create something great within yourself and get you to your goals and dreams. Well done, Jeremy!