in London! The squad has a great night in London at the O2 Arena @polaris_professional grappling Championships. Nicky Ryan made superb use of his triangle (sankaku) and armbar skills to take a fine submission win over UFC veteran Phil Harris and advance to the next stage of the Polaris 145 pound championship. defeated talented Australian grappler Lachlan Giles via decision after dominating most of the action through a great match – he now moves to the final for the welter title. Both Mr Ryan and Mr Taza will have bouts in a future Polaris event to try to win those titles. Outstanding work from these youngsters- great to see their hard work in the gym paying off on the stage I have been telling people for the longest time about the skills of the Ryan brothers in triangle attacks – good to see them going public with it! Oliver Taza has some of the best gym performances I see every week – great to see him taking those on stage more and more. Both athletes work in the best spirit of jiu jitsu – constant attacks looking for at all times. Well done!