I am very excited to announce the release of my new instructional video ATTACKS: ENTER THE SYSTEM from BJJFanatics – the second in the ENTER THE SYSTEM series. There is a link in my instagram bio that you can follow if you wish to order it. Most of you know that I greatly favor the as the ultimate attacking/safety position in grappling and fighting. Whenever my students take on bigger and stronger opponents I always counsel them to make their primary focus attacks upon the back and the legs – everything else is secondary. I present here the complete system. As always, I teach the “why” of everything so as to give a clear conceptual understanding in addition to the “how” via explicit techniques. The is around nine and half hours long. It covers all the main aspects of working from the back with a particular emphasis on finishing skills. My intention is to give you all a complete systems based training resource you can keep coming back to for years rather a “flavor of the month” collection of moves that will amuse you for a while and then be forgotten. As always, this work is dedicated to all my teachers and along with my outstanding students who have always done an incredible job of displaying the techniques and concepts in this video. Without their work, dedication and individual brilliance I would just be a fool tinkering away in my sensei’s basement. I was always very proud that in the numerous EBI competitions that my students competed in, they had by a landslide the highest rate of wins and submissions in the tricky overtime rules – on every occasion they chose the back – now you will see why.