Techniques differ – Principles don’t: At the @onechampionship event this past weekend it was my pleasure to work the warm up locker room next to an athlete I often make my students watch as an example and role model for their striking development – the great Giorgio Petrosyan. Mr Petrosyan was at the event to corner his brother. It was fascinating watching them and prepare and to note the similarities in the combat principles he embodies to those found in jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu’s fighting methodology is based always upon the concept of attaining positions that allow you to strike whilst restricting your ’s ability to do the same to you. In jiu jitsu this is done via takedown to positions. Mr Petrosyan is a master of doing the same – but given the nature of kickboxing- he does it entirely in standing striking exchanges. He excels in the art of striking with effect, whilst denying his opponent’s the ability to do the same – he uses an dizzying array of subtle footwork patterns, distance control, angle, level, clinching and other means. The result is he hits with tremendous power and effect while offering very few opportunities for an opponent to do the same back to him. He dazzled the room as he went to work and showed the depth of his knowledge in his art. It was a real treat to see the same principles we espouse being applied in a totally different context and with such skill.