strangles for the win!! Outstanding junior brown belt Frank Rosenthal @frankrosenthal11 won his super fight against 10th Planet standout black black belt Ricky Lule with an expertly applied stranglehold from the back in standing position at the Onnit Invitational in Texas. Mr Rosenthal has been on a competitive tear lately, with most wins coming by way of his signature inside heel hook finish. This time he wanted to show his growth and go upper body – that’s exactly what he did. Hard work on back system details paid against his tough opponent. There is always a certain look of MECHANICAL in a well applied submission and Mr Rosenthal certainly that here! Great weekend for the squad between No Gi Pan Ams IBJJF and Onnit EBI rules. Hats to Mr Rosenthal doing what we all should – identifying goals, formulating a plan to attain them, working hard to make them reality and managing/taking the risks to get them done on the big stage! That’s the formula for jiu jitsu and life itself!