Can you from a video? This is a question I am often asked. My answer is an unequivocal – YES. I truly believe that video is among the single most useful additions to any jiu jitsu coaching inputs – whether it be and analysis of great players, technical advice from experts or video self analysis of your own game – all can play a major role in speeding your development in the sport of intelligently allied to physical work in the dojo. Here is a fine example at work. Phil Schwartz @phillschwartz10p is a talented 10th Planet blackbelt on the West Coast who always had a game heavily influenced by traditional 10th Planet strong points like rubber guard and “truck” cross body rides etc. he became interested in the leg lock game after watching the success of the squad in EBI competition. Intense study of the ENTER THE SYSTEM: LEG LOCK videos along with his own hard work drilling and practicing in the gym quickly garnered him some serious improvements. Here he is in action at the recent Washington State NAGA competition where he took gold with three well applied inside heel hooks – in particular this superb example where he used text squad double trouble principle to control to subvert his opponent’s defense and pave the way for a fine finish. Note the impressive control over his opponent’s movement that allows him to pick the time and method of finishing at his discretion – a superb example of taking theoretical knowledge from a video source and getting great practical results. Well done Phil!! I am happy to your success and hope it inspires others to see the value that video input can play in an athlete’s development. Hope I get to see more success from you and other students in the future! Wishing all my long video students the best from the basement where it all began!