The pattern of all progress: Be aware that your in jiu jitsu and almost any other skill you care to learn proceeds in a very predictable fashion. This pattern is true for both your overall progress in the sport and also for your progress in any given skill within the sport. It will begin an initial RAPID PROGRESS phase as you embark on developing a new skill. This is an exciting time as your increases quickly and everything is new and exciting. Then you will encounter a slowing of that develops into a PLATEAU/FRUSTRATION phase. Here you run into recurring and walls that don’t have easy answers. This phase can be very long in many cases. At some point we get to the SUDDEN BREAKTHROUGH phase. A workable set of solutions to the problems we encountered is found and the cycle returns to the rapid phase and continues on as a cycle of uneven development. Once you become cognizant of this cycle you will not become disheartened by the reality that there will be times that you feel like you are not going forward at all. Let this knowledge you optimism in these periods and know that the next phase will come. However it is crucial you under stand this vital point – EVERY POSITIVE CHANGE IN THIS CYCLE COMES FROM A CONCERTED TO CHANGE THINGS ON YOUR PART. Change does not come about magically – YOU MUST ACTIVELY MAKE IT HAPPEN BY CHANGING YOUR APPROACH. Don’t expect to get change by doing the same things you have done previously. Understand this fundamental cycle of skill training and let it give you the critical mix of optimism and realism that will get you closer to your goals.