Get everything in place first – then go: A common in the application of submission is the tendency most people have to attempt the move before they have the preconditions necessary for the success of the move set in place. Any given submission has a set of preconditions that will make it work. Failing to establish these prior to attempting the actual is asking for failure. You must learn the preconditions for your submissions and have the diligence and patience to set them in place first and only then apply the submission. This will help you in two important ways. The first is physical. When the preconditions are well set your physical performance of the submission will be much cleaner and tighter. The second is psychological. When the preconditions are well set you will enter into the submission with much greater verve and confidence and display the commitment necessary for submission at high levels. Look at how Garry Tonon has established perfect head, wrist, and leg positioning before he commits to falling into a position high guillotine. He can fall into the move with full confidence knowing that everything is in place before he enters. Know what you need PRIOR to entering your submissions. Then watch your confidence steeply rise as you enter and enjoy your increased success afterwards.