All or nothing: One of the toughest aspects of the game is its all or nothing nature. NOBODY CARES ABOUT THAT ALMOST WORKED, THEY ONLY REMEMBER THE SUBMISSIONS THAT WERE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED. You can do ninety nine percent of the well, but if you fail on the last one percent you failed as completely as someone who only did five percent of the work well. It is critical then, that be strong all the way through the entirety of the move from set up through execution and on to the finish. This is why I generally prefer systematic, methodical approaches to submission. Don’t get me wrong – I love a fast and spectacular entry into a as much as anyone – but entries that rely on and surprise are difficult to apply with regularity on good opponents. In the majority of cases, step by step control will outperform any other style of submission application. Take your and check off each step in the check list. STAY FOCUSED UNTIL THE END – it’s not over until they tap. Here, talented junior squad member Robert Degle @Robert Degle bjj works methodically from the back in his first Fight2Win show. A few seconds after this photo was taken he won via strangle; yet if you look now he is calmly and systematically working his way through the steps of the back system. There is no hint of excitement, exuberance or anxiety – just a job to be done and the knowledge of what that job consists of along with the discipline to see it through to the end – that’s the mindset I want you working with as you play the submissions game