Very happy to the incredible success of Kasai grappling @kasaigrappling in NYC – they are now officially sold out for their latest show November 10!! I have always believed that if grappling shows were done right they could get a big crowd pumped with excitement- Kasai is showing how to do it! Very excited to see junior squad member get on with the big boys in the 145 pound tournament loaded with some of the most illustrious names in grappling. Gordon Ryan takes in the might Matheus “King Kong” Diniz the current 185 pound Kasai in what should be a titanic match up! Congratulations to Rich Byrne and Rolls Gracie on the success of their show! They are doing great work! I will be in with Garry Tonon getting ready for his third @onechampionship MMA but will be following the at Kasai! Hope you all enjoy the big show!