Change of seasons – changing the game: At Penn Station NYC – Heading up to Boston on the train to film the installment of the ENTER THE series of instructional videos which cover the training methodology, tactics and techniques that my students exhibited so brilliantly on the big stage! It’s a cold North Eastern winter here now – the hot summers that we filmed the leg, back, front headlock/guillotine and systems are a distant memory! I am really looking to this video – you all know I have a particular love of the triangle stranglehold (sankaku jime) and always encourage all my students from professionals to newbies to hard on developing this skill and often. I always get a special pride when they finish with it in competition and all my students excel in its use – yes – even the short legged ones! Looking forward to seeing @bernardofariabjj and the @bjj.fanatics team along with @fujisportsus representative and Olympic silver medalist @judosilencer Travis Stevens. As always the emphasis in this video will be on giving you a complete to apply the triangle- remember – IT IS THE DEPTH OF YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF FEW TECHNIQUES AND YOUR ABILITY TO PUT THEM IN A COMBATIVE THAT WILL DETERMINE YOUR OR FAILURE WITH THEM – everything I teach is done in this manner. My aim in these videos is to change the way the game is taught and understood – in particular YOUR game. Fours hours heading north and then we get to work! Wishing you all the best!