Gordon Ryan releases strength and conditioning video: I am very pleased to see ADCC champion and four time EBI champion Gordon Ryan has released a video on strength for grapplers. It is produced by @bjj.fanatics and features the routine he used prior to winning gold at the championships. The question of strength and physical attributes in Jiu Jitsu is an interesting one. We are constantly told to not use strength and focus only on technique. This is good advice in your early development but don’t kid yourself – physical attributes such as strength, speed, flexibility etc play a BIG role in the outcome of competitive bouts. As such, Jiu Jitsu athletes have a vested interest in developing whatever potential their has to the maximum degree possible relative to their aims and ambitions in the sport. I never met a Jiu Jitsu athlete whose game got worse by getting a little stronger, faster or more flexible, on the contrary, I have seen MANY whose competitive prowess increased by investing in time developing their physical attributes just as they do their technical skills. Remember – whenever you engage in combat with another person you are fighting two things – THEIR SKILLS AND THEIR ATTRIBUTES. If you want to improve your performance on the mat there are two ways to go – SKILL DEVELOPMENT is always going to be first and the most important, but don’t underestimate the second – ATTRIBUTE DEVELOPMENT. Your body is the vehicle that expresses your skills – THE BETTER CONDITIONED YOUR BODY IS TO DO SO, THE BETTER THAT EXPRESSION WILL BE. Check out Mr Ryan’s method – it helped create the most successful debut performance in ADCC history – I hope it can help you too!