Young gun: The 2018 IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu world are on this weekend in Anaheim California. The blue belt competition was up first and Nick Rodriguez @nickyrod247 was one of the emerging stars. This powerhouse came to us from @smashpassjay who is a long friend of Gordon Ryan. He only began Jiu Jitsu a short one ago and Jay sent him to the blue basement to on his submission skills. He soon became a favorite partner of Gordon Ryan and has been improving rapidly. Even though he is a good wrestler he usually begins all training in bottom position to new skills. At the world he won every one of his matches by submission! He used his finishes – kata gatame variations from front headlock and arm bars – to take the gold medal. Keep your eyes on this athlete – what a great start to his Jiu Jitsu training and a real to all you blue belts out there!