1000 Instagram Posts! I wanted to thank all of you for taking an interest in my work in Jiu Jitsu – this week I passed the milestone of 1000 Instagram posts. For a decade I avoided social media but finally relented when I took on a trio of extraordinary students who were interested in the rapidly growing sport of grappling. Previously I was teaching Jiu Jitsu but mostly known as an MMA coach through Georges St-Pierre and Chris Weidman and the Ultimate Fighter TV show. When Mr St-Pierre retired and Mr Weidman opened his own school further away from Manhattan I switched attention to submission grappling and the notion of changing the way thought about to a based approach instead classical methods. In interest in the squad grew and now I am hoping to expand and add to peoples methods as we all seek improvement in the sport we love and to link methods of improvement in Jiu Jitsu to our life in general. I am very grateful to you all for your interest and in my work. Special thanks as always to my incredible students. All of them are truly remarkable who exude industriousness and innovation – without their courage, hard work and skill in exhibiting these ideas on the I would be nothing. Thank you to all of my dear readers who put up with my random, long winded, paragraph-less (not sure if that’s a real word ) and disorganized ramblings – but if they help even a little in getting you a little closer to your goals and dreams in Jiu Jitsu and life – then it’s all worth it. Thank you so much.