Triangles: For decades Jiu Jitsu students and teachers have reduced their growth in triangle development by talking about “the triangle” as though there is only type of triangle. What they really mean by THE triangle is the FRONT triangle. There is no question that in the sport of Jiu Jitsu, the front triangle (Omote sankaku) is king of the various triangles (mostly because guard position, the most associated with front triangles, is so heavily emphasized in BJJ). However, there are other triangles out there that if given more emphasis would also figure heavily in the bout ending business. If the front triangle is king, then I would have no hesitation in naming the rear triangle (ushiro sankaku) as in line to the throne. It is a tremendous weapon from the back and I find it is the best triangle of them all for short legged athletes (like me) as the angle automatically eliminates your opponents shoulder from the lock and makes it easier to capture the and arm in an authoritative strangle. Here, outstanding junior, Frank Rosenthal applies a rear triangle so tight it looks like a tourniquet around his unfortunate opponents neck. If you currently lack confidence with front triangles – WITH REAR TRIANGLES- and watch your success rate climb. As you learn more about the general of triangles starting from the back there is often a carryover to success from the front – and then the fun really starts!