The unique feature of triangle attacks – strangles and joint locks: I teach six submissions systems in my no coaching work:

– Back system
– Leg system
– Kimura system
– Front headlock system
– Arm bar system
– Triangle system

Of these six systems, the triangle is unique insofar as it can be simultaneously BOTH A STRANGLEHOLD AND A JOINT LOCK. The great choice we have in the realm of joint locks is that between joint locks – an attack upon your opponents body – and strangles – an attack upon your opponents brain/consciousness. TRIANGLES LET YOU DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. Triangles immobilize your opponents grand and one arm and thus offer many ways to break that arm whilst you them at the same time. It’s a terrifying feeling to be getting strangled and as you fight against that threat, feel your arm being attacked with Kimura, juji gatame arm locks, American locks and wrist locks. Here, Gordon Ryan, a master of the triangle, puts an opponent under fight ending with a triangle hold that he has elected to finish with a juji gatame Arm bar breaking to take a win at SUG grappling championships. To fully exploit the incredible power of the triangle, make sure you constantly practice it as both a stranglehold AND a joint breaker. Experiment with playing those against each other – so that AS AN OPPONENT DEFENDS ONE, HE FALLS TO THE OTHER. Training in this way will create rapid in your triangle game!