Variations in intensity – the wisdom of the hunter: When it is time to attack an opponent with the submission holds you favor, make sure to VARY THE OF YOUR ATTACK PATTERNS. Sometimes it is good to attack with all you’ve got in combinations that put an opponent under severe pressure. Be aware however, that when you attack in this fashion, an opponent will immediately put up defensive shields and maintain them as long as he feels the danger. I often counsel students to relax their grips and attacks and make their opponents the danger has passed. As soon as the defenses go down – new attacks break through much more easily. Consider predatory animals hunting prey – those species that inflict a poisonous bite, such as snakes, do not pursue their prey once the venom is injected. Pursuit will make the prey run as long as it can and create an exhausting chase. Instead, once the bite is made, it stops – the prey runs a short distance, seeing that it is not being pursued, sits down and rests – and dies in its place, allowing The predator to leisurely take its prey. So too with submission hunting in Jiu Jitsu. LEARN TO CREATE THE THAT YOU ARE NOT ACTIVELY PURSUING SUBMISSIONS – AND WATCH YOUR SUBMISSION RATE INCREASE AS YOUR OPPONENTS BECOME NEGLIGENT IN THEIR DEFENSE. Look at the relaxed, almost open grips of Nicky Ryan on the back as he creates a sense of safety that will open up another fast strangle when the opportunity arises.