Weigh in complete: Gordon Ryan and João Gabriel Rocha weighed in for their big match night. Mr Rocha came in at 263 pounds and Mr Ryan at 226 – his heaviest ever weight, but still nearly forty pounds less than his rival. Mr Rocha is of the most impressive heavyweights in the world, with ADCC silver medals, one in his weight and one in in open weight. He has defeated BJJ legends such as Keenan Cornelius, Nicholas Meregali, Bruno Bastos, Joao Assis, Rafael Lavato, Erbeth Santos and Yuri Simoes. He is the great rival of Buchecha, the man most believe is the current worlds best, and always has epic battles with him. Should be a fascinating clash of styles made all the more interesting by the size difference. It will be an honor to have a student go up against such a great opponent! Off to the gym now for light workout and then it’s all on tomorrow night! Wishing you all the best from Dallas, Texas!!